Sexy Movies and TV Shows To Watch In 2024

n my day, sex scenes were placed in mainstream movies out of necessity. Well, that’s not precisely true—no one was going to die if they didn’t get to see men’s bobbing butts and women pantomiming going from zero to orgasm in 15 seconds—but it kind of felt that way. I came of age in the early ‘90s, when erotic thrillers were all the rage and even movies that weren’t exactly erotic thrillers (like Single White Female) had the good sense to play like them. There were simply fewer avenues to experience depicted sex back then, especially as someone who was below the age of 18 and without access to a large stash of porn VHSes. So when Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction cut to a few minutes of skin slithering all over the screen, it felt like a service was being provided.

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It’s a good time for sex in movies. As someone who thinks about sex a lot (I co-write Slate’s “How To Do It” advice column) and pays close attention to matters of media representation, I eat all of this up. I am excited for creative approaches to sex on screen, both in terms of the act itself and the greater impact it has on characters’ cultures, dynamics, and personalities. I’m looking forward to the year ahead of sex in movies, and to kick off this year’s column, below is a preview of what to expect.

No:1 Lust Stories

Four Bollywood directors came together for 30-minute vignettes about sex from the female perspective, taking on adultery, masturbation, one night stands, and awkward power dynamics.

No:2 Love Lies Bleeding

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Rose Glass’s follow up to 2019’s Saint Maud was a sensation at Sundance this year. It stars Kristen Stewart as a gym manager who falls for a female bodybuilder. Lots of gunfire and Ed Harris with a bald-on-top-long-on-the-sides hairdo follow. The Telegraph deemed it “jaw-dropping” in its five-star review, while The Hollywood Reporter wrote that among its “passionate and intimate lesbian sex scenes” are depictions of “oral sex, brief toe-sucking and one encounter that finds Lou instructing Jackie to masturbate while she watches from inches away.” Sign us up!

No: 3 Challengers

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Talk about making love mean something in tennis. The trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s racket romance depicts what seems to be the beginning of threesome between three characters: Tashi (Zendaya), Patrick (Josh O’Connor), and Art (Mike Faist). They sit in a line on a bed; she kisses Art, then Patrick, and then…? It seems like—but is unclear if—that’s a flashback. (Per MGM’s official summary, she eventually marries Art and he and Patrick face off on the court.) Also unclear: Whether this threesome will be MFM or MMF. Knowing Guadagnino, bet on the latter.

No:4 Last Summer

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It would be crude and unfair to say that Catherine Breillat’s drama is the French arthouse equivalent of stepmom/MILF porn, but Last Summer touches on the taboos and morality questions inherent in that particular (yet popular) pornographic subgenre. This remake of the 2019 Danish film Queen of Hearts finds Anne (Léa Drucker) drawn to the 17-year-old son her husband had in a previous marriage. Mess ensues. of course, but it’s rather mannered and tasteful mess!

No:5 Elisa and Marcela

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Elisa and Marcela tells the true story of the first same-sex marriage in Spain, in which two women, Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, posed as a heterosexual couple so they could marry in 1901.

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