War Chhod Na Yaar Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed

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War Chhod Na Yaar is a Bollywood comedy-drama film that was released in 2013. Directed by Faraz Haider, the movie revolves around the concept of war and satirizes the Indo-Pak conflict. With its unique storyline and blend of humor and social commentary, War Chhod Na Yaar became a notable addition to the Indian film industry.

Plot Summary

War Chhod Na Yaar is set in the backdrop of the Indo-Pak border. The film follows the story of two Indian army officers, Captain Raj of the Indian Army and Captain Qureshi of the Pakistan Army, who are stationed at the border. Despite the tense situation, both officers share a friendly rapport. The movie humorously portrays their efforts to maintain peace and friendship amidst the escalating tensions between the two nations.

War Chhod Na Yaar Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed
War Chhod Na Yaar Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed

Cast and Characters

War Chhod Na Yaar features an ensemble cast of talented actors. Sharman Joshi plays the role of Captain Raj, while Soha Ali Khan portrays the character of Rut Dutta, a journalist covering the conflict. Additionally, Javed Jaffrey delivers an exceptional performance as Captain Qureshi. The film also stars Sanjay Mishra, Mukul Dev, and Dalip Tahil in supporting roles.

Filming and Production

The film was primarily shot in the picturesque locations of Punjab, India. The director, Faraz Haider, aimed to create a realistic portrayal of the border area and the lives of soldiers stationed there. The production team ensured attention to detail to capture the essence of the Indo-Pak border, contributing to the authenticity of the film.

Release and Reception

War Chhod Na Yaar was released on October 11, 2013, to positive responses from the audience. The film’s unique concept, coupled with its humor and satire, appealed to viewers of all ages. Although it did not achieve blockbuster status, it gained recognition for its fresh take on the war genre and its ability to tackle serious issues through comedy.

Analysis and Impact

War Chhod Na Yaar cleverly employs satire and humor to highlight the futility and absurdity of war. The film explores the notion that war is not just a battle between nations but also a clash of ideologies and propaganda. It successfully challenges the stereotypical portrayal of soldiers and sheds light on the human side of those involved in armed conflicts.

Box Office Performance

In terms of box office performance, War Chhod Na Yaar had a moderate run. While it did not achieve significant commercial success, it garnered appreciation for its unique content and thought-provoking narrative. The film resonated with audiences who appreciated its message and social commentary.

Critical Reviews

War Chhod Na Yaar received generally positive reviews from critics. The film’s satirical approach, clever writing, and noteworthy performances were applauded. The blend of comedy and social commentary struck a chord with the audience, making it a memorable cinematic experience.

Awards and Recognitions

Although not widely recognized during award seasons, War Chhod Na Yaar received accolades at certain film festivals and was praised for its innovative storytelling. It garnered appreciation for addressing a serious subject matter in a lighthearted manner, while still maintaining its relevance and impact.

Legacy and Influence

War Chhod Na Yaar holds a unique place in the Indian film industry. It challenged the conventional norms of war films and demonstrated the potential of using satire to convey a strong message. The film’s success paved the way for more unconventional narratives and contributed to the evolution of storytelling in Bollywood.


War Chhod Na Yaar is a noteworthy film that blends comedy, satire, and social commentary to present a fresh take on war and conflict. Through its engaging storyline and talented cast, the movie successfully delivers its message while entertaining the audience. It remains an important addition to the Indian film industry’s diverse repertoire.

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